Friday, March 9, 2012


Let's just say that today's the greatest Friday ever. You all maybe have known that I used to hate Friday so much but not like that anymore since some things happened.
And this day's really gonna change it!
So today school ends at 10 pm. At first Abner asked me to go with the others to watch The Vow (a very romantic film I've been recommended to Bella). I was ready to say no since it's expensive. But then we checked and The Vow wasn't played at XXI Kalibata anymore, so we decided to go to Lela instead. And Regi with I also decided to join them (so I can go home with her) and Cipod also wanted to join. And there we go! Lela!
Don't know what have we done, Lela is closed for a while because the waiters will have some Jumatan prayer (?). Finally we decided to go to Bakmi Golek. There's some crazy things, we played Cat and Mouse with 'someone' and that made me ROTFL.
Then we got a ride from Reyka to Bakmi Golek.
There, we did some crazy things such as eating (for sure, I didn't call it crazy things to do. That's an exeption), and uhm, playing with candles. U kno candles right? What the waiters put on our table to get rid off the flies? Nah, Bella, Reyka, Abner, and I played with it. At first we only did playing with the fire, but time went and we started to pour some seasonings, like pepper, sauce, chilli, and many things. I swear that'd be awkward. Until the climax came, Bella hit ice cubes on it, and the fire died. Aldo, the fire axis got drowned into some liquid (maybe that's oil because our sauce didn't get mixed with it) and that was very funny. We then took some photos, and here are some!

I hope the .gif works!

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