Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thinking, Human Being's Most Common Activity

Some of us may be thinking, and that's what I mean when I say, "thinking is the most common activity of human beings."

Right, may be we speculate that not everytime we think, it's just the brain working. But yeah, I don't mean to say you're thinking when you sleep but about how we really need to think.

I think those written above was enough for 'another prologue' because that wasn't my point, actually.

Here's a friend. Because I don't want to share his/her gender, let's call him/her with 'she'. Pretend 'she' was a girl, okay?

Here's a friend. She's charming, looks smart, and I thought she really was. But then... *thunder sound effect* something not really big but important revealed.

She is a liar. Repeat. A liar. Umm.. If somebody hasn't known yet, lemme tell ya, I hate liar.

Things won't be the same again, but yeah I'll try to make it like nothing ever happened.

What looked outside may not be the inside also. I think this explain why I had some kind of random feelings when I choose her to Okay.

When I am being lied to, I am like, "Who the hell I was befriending with?" Why don't every people be honest of theirselves, like if you want to make friends, true friends won't come forever if you say something's very not you. Just be yourself. That's how to make true friends since they're searching for theirs too. Get what I mean?

Uh, I am hurt now. Random feelings random feelings-_-

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