Friday, January 25, 2013

Conn--------- *refresh*

Like I said previously.. (or I haven't said) my internet was stopped a while ago, so I couln't post. That couldn't be worse since it was just being changed. The reason is simply because the old modem stops their promotion so we have to pay much much more expensive. Mom decided to change the modem. Into the cheaper. And slower one.

So now I am using this shitty modem which has been making me feeling upset. Really, I can't open a single page of an online manga without refreshing it again and again! This will reduce my browsing and reading speed a lot T_T

Yeah, you weren't mistaken. I. Am. Reading. Online. Manga. Recently, I've been in an awkward obsession through mangas. Years ago, I decided to only read thick books because it's considered cheaper, judging how many words are there, compared in comics. But now I realize, it's not about it. It's not about money. It's about how it entertains you. I used to read comics because I could stare at the drawings, it never failed to wow me. I could re-read comics when I'm bored, but I'm bored because I re-read novels I've read, Harry Potter is a big exception, of course..

But the point is, drawings are the best to entertain me during my leisure time!

Eh, let's get back to the topic. I'm in love with manga again and the connection.. tearing me apart! Yeah you're tearing me aparrtttt~ *sings*

It looks like I won't be in a good mood to use my internet, for a long time.

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