Friday, May 23, 2014

May Favourites


I simply love every damn thing about May haha. I love it when exams are held on May (it simply gives us more holidays), I also love May people instantly! Hearing 'May' is a pleasure to my ear no kidding!

But moreover.. It's because my birthday is on May haha.

SO, last week on May 12th (yes, this post is waaaaayyy too late) I turned 17 at last! No more having 2 years gap with some of my friends, no more umm feeling younger than people yay! Also I'll have my own ID card woohooo finally I can register my phone number with a valid ID lol.

I didn't get that excited actually. As I grew older I started to think that yeah birthdays are birthdays. But that dayy omg it surprised me that many people remember my birthday. Well, I didn't get much birthday greetings compared to last year but does that matter? Nope of course. It please me more when people say 'Hey happy birthday!' because they remember rather than because they happen to be scrolling through the recent updates.

I got so many presents! Wow it excited me because it kind of reminded me of those happy birthdays on elementary school, when I would bring a big plastic bag to school to hold all of the presents (THAT I CONFIDENTLY ASSUMED I WOULD GET) what a cipe I was am.. My friends really brought me presents by the way haha. In junior high finally people stopped giving presents to each other, but I never thought that on my 17th birthday I would (again) be receiving presents!

Well some of them are a bit unpredictable, such as umm.. dress and those girl outfits bahahaha thank youu! :* Other friends gave me comic books and other cute stationary stuff yeahh. One gave me earphonee which makes me have two kinds of those in different colours. I so feel like a collector. Oh and some must-not-forget bithday stuff like edited photos! Whoaahh thank you guys! And what's shocking is that one friend sent me via post, a 'birthday package' (let's call it like that). Imagine receiving a package sent to you with some cute stuffs in it! She also wrote some greetings and those words gave me some aahhh feeling. How can I not be happy?!

Never thought being 17 would be this great. Thank you!

P.S. I also didn't think I would be this lazy to make ID. Yes, I don't have one up until now.

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