Friday, May 8, 2015

Good songs are lyf!

It's D-1 to SNMPTN announcement, I know I've said like zillion times that I didn't quite expect to get enrolled through that non-test way. But still, I'm feeling anxious.

So instead, I'm about to share you the current song-of-my-heart today.

This one is kinda funny and idiot (?) though, but I found it catchy.

OMG! I fell so hard for this song, really. The song is super catchy with super smart lyrics (and by smart, I don't mean excessive-use-of-allegory-in-order-to-make-it-sounds-like-a-poetry bcs hell I hate poetry). Also, the way the band members play that instruments with so much energy just gave me that figure of me trying to jam along with the song, and ofc with no instruments..

Thus, I remember other songs which also gave me such a thrill listening to it. I feel like it's super necessary to share them with you, and the honor goes to:

Bebe Rexha's auto tuned voice just sounds so... amazing :')

HAHAHA damn mainstream I know, but I just don't know I've fallen in love with The Vamps' voice recently..

I turn my radio up and it's just my luck
I turn my TV on, it's the same old song
Why are you following me?
It's like a 'missing you' sign
Is written on my face
It's like everybody knows
'Cause everywhere I go
The whole world is singing to me, eh

But don't call me a fan of The Vamps just yet, I still can't figure out which is the Shawn Mendes they are singing with.

This one is also sounds great! My friend once told me, "Why is it people like Sam Smith's songs?!"


I DON'T. But I love his voice. And some of his songs. I don't, they kinda have the ability to make you feel such a rush, don't they?
Why are you looking, down on the wrong road?
When my heart is the salt of the soul

I've still got some in my head. But my heart aches after being humiliated with a bar of supermarket chocolate HAHA, tell you that story later when the time is right. Gotta go with my try out tomorrow!

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