Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Late night thoughts

Ini random sih, hahaha. Biasanya gue gak suka sih, ngepost di kondisi seperti ini karena takut kesannya nyindir dan lain sebagainya, tapi engga kok. Cuma kebetulan aja gue lagi buka laptop dan lagi kepikiran satu hal, dan kebetulan aja baru mengalami beberapa hal. (?)

I think we think and worry too much about what people would say about us. About our doings. About our sayings. About-- about everything!

And that's kind of annoying to me. 

(But seriously, I may be the type of person who gets annoyed a bit too much, but that won't ever ever change my attitude towards you, people! So please don't ever be scared to annoy me haha)

Ada aja gitu orang-orang yang menurut gue peduli banget sama apa yang orang-orang pikir tentang dia. Ga usah pengen banget bertindak cool lah :) you are cool if you are kok haha. And being cool doesn't mean you're fun to be with juga kan. If worrying about others matters so much for you to the level it often changes who you really are, then you're the weird one.

I may be one of them, though.