Tuesday, March 22, 2016


It's not that I'm not being grateful with my current life. It's a great life I've been living! I think I'm walking on the right path, and even if it isn't, there are so many great friends surrounding me. Friends that I think I don't even deserve.

Yet, sometimes you want to go back. Go back to those happy times which has caused a great impact to your life.

Not that those times were happier or my current life is sadder.

I just miss those times so bad I want go back.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Two weeks ago I've finally finished Reply 1988. Yesss, it's another K-drama hahaha please bear with me.

I'm not gonna post a long post about it because lol it takes a lot of time. Besides, this drama is extraordinary since one episode took 1.5 to 2 hours and it has 20 episodes in total. That's 30 hours traded off for watching this, lol. Btw, please find the summary of this drama by yourself because I'm too lazy for it haha.

After a hard struggle since my schedule was so mesmerizing weeks ago, finally I managed to start a proper college life by finishing the drama. No more bounds attached! (?)

One thing that stands out about this drama is that it really improved my Korean languange to... additional 4 Korean phrases! Haha damn so pathetic but whatever. Also, my friend said that this drama really makes you fall in love with the characters, indeed it does. I so love the characters, not only the main characters but also the supporting characters. Please note that this drama tells you about 5 families so there are a lot of characters yet I still found myself attached to each of them.

I cried a lot because the storylines were so heartwarming, it was sad but also told you something you (at least, I) can relate with everyday's life. I felt happy when the characters felt happy, I felt sad when they did. All because those things that makes them emotional actually happened at some points in my own life. And it didn't even matter to me who gets the main girl because I love all of the guys! This drama is so nostalgic. Even if I was born in the 90s, I can tell that this drama really brings back memories to those who feel 1988. I also could finally see how pager works after years reading about pager in Detective Conan without knowing :') When the drama ends, I felt so sad because that scene really pictured to me reasons why I super-hate farewell!!!!!!!

I don't quite know about myself but there are things that I'm sure of about me, one of them is that I hate conflicts (other than farewell). I love Pinocchio but when I rewatched it, I skipped the part when the bad guys were so bad that I'm overwhelmed with that uneasy tense (?) But guys, after some episodes I realize that... THIS DRAMA HAS NO ANTAGONISTS! No bad guys! :') The problem sources for the characters are purely external. Even if there are bad guys, trust me that the whole drama isn't talking about the bad guys. Problems come and go like it does in real life. I also didn't get that uneasy feeling!

The title from this post is actually on of the four phrases I learned! The five of our characters were watching TV and mothers were yelling, "bapmokja!" that very scene started and ended my very pleasant experience with Reply. It started with a yawn but ended with tearzz (and some heavy-stalking on the actors' instagram accounts).

I'm sorry for any grammatical error but whatever. Annyeong!