Tuesday, March 22, 2016


It's not that I'm not being grateful with my current life. It's a great life I've been living! I think I'm walking on the right path, and even if it isn't, there are so many great friends surrounding me. Friends that I think I don't even deserve.

Yet, sometimes you want to go back. Go back to those happy times which has caused a great impact to your life.

Not that those times were happier or my current life is sadder.

I just miss those times so bad I want go back.


  1. True dat..
    Have u ever consider making a short story or... Something with a storyline? Ur grammar is amazing, i' d definitely read it haha

    1. Welcome back!

      Hahahhahahahahah no! I've always liked making short comic or short stories since I was little, and I'd say that my plots have always been that flaaaaaaat and cheesy and uninteresting. I'm not a creative person, tbh. That explains why I made a blog talking about my daily life rather about provocative thoughts or ideas or about stories like you suggested.

      Thank you! I'm quite confident of my grammar *duh* but I have not reached the point where I'm able to use it naturally. I always feel kinda burdened while writing or speaking in English, and that becomes worse when it comes to non-casual topics. Your grammar is also superb, by the way!

    2. Welcome back huh? Were you expecting me? Lol

      I think it's quite cool to be able to make stuff u wanna make and write what you wanna write. Haha im rooting for u to upload those stuff (comics and short stories u mentioned)

      Meanwhile, even though FE has shitton of tasks and activities to do, im still bored af here so im depending on this blog to... Well... Fill my free time (?) Haha

      Oh and also, my english is mostly 9gag and movie based, so pardon my frequent use of harsh words. If i have to say, it's getting depressing to find someone able to converse in english at (at least) a good enough level, so im enjoying this blog commenting thingy.

      P.s. dont u find me commenting, albeit not knowing you (or you knowing me) creepy?

    3. Well yea I always expect my blog readers to come back hahaha!

      I get bored too here and it's only committees' tasks that kept my schedule full lol. Well, except the end-of-semester deadlines. It's okay, I'm not a person who manages my own language tho. And are you implying that you got an A on MPK-Ing (????) HAHA

      I don't think we have really zero information of each other. Besides you state your (hopefully not a pseudonym) name and not being anonymous.