Monday, August 14, 2017

The Apple of The Year

Hello, I'm back! I think some people already miss my posts haha.

It's the long holiday here for Universitas Indonesia but unlike last year, I'm not doing my 3-months vacation doing nothing! There are some highlights to my holiday that I'm so eager to share with you.

The first one would be my INKOMPASS intern.

This one has a unique historical background. During my useless holiday back in 2016, I noticed that some of my seniors were already doing internships and one of them being my senior in Studi Profesionalisme Akuntan, the organization I'm in. She was doing an intern at Philip Morris International and she stated that it was an INKOMPASS internship. Being a spontaneous person, I went looking for more information regarding this internship. I went a little bit excited and even made the reminder for next year, LOL. Suddenly on February or March, INKOMPASS team came to my university and I finally really applied for the program, although I'm being super pessimistic as the acceptance rate were very low.. It's even more competitive than applying to Akuntansi UI!

Miraculously, I got accepted! I went frantic that night, May 4th 2017. The announcement came to my inbox at 10p.m. and as a result I went to bed very late that night due to excitement.
UI Squad

The second one is my Korean trip.

In early February, I felt like I'm disappointing someone so I bough her avocado juice??? Weird I know but this led to a historical conversation.
The fateful chat
Okay so I actually just searched this and I was shocked at how plainnnn and so wacana-ish the conversation went. But we fucking made it true.. On July 22nd-23rd, we went to South Korea together to present our research paper. It seemed so unreal!!! I finally met oppas! But more to that later :)

The third one is my Japan trip.

Someone said that I took over East Asia, HAHA that probably really sums up what I felt! I have also aimed for this Japan trip for the longest time. Not that I aimed for this specific event though.. Back in 2015 I met this amazing student who also contributed a lot in shaping who I am right now. I learned from his Facebook page that he joined a fully-funded event in South Korea held by International Office UI. I was super triggered.. he went to SBS studio OMFG. That day I subscribed to International Office UI right away and have always hunted for a free trip overseas, lol. I waited for a year until finally there was this program that really caught my attention. A fully-funded trip to Japan! I remember that it was on March and sadly, the poster said that any prediction test for the English requirement is not accepted. Holy hell.. I haven't taken any real English certification test other than the first English Proficiency Test that I took during my freshman year. I emailed Mbak Amanda asking whether a prediction test is accepted, no answer.. I continued with my life then.
UI Squad (2)
Then in mid April, I was looking at the announcement again on Twitter! But wait.. what?? Now a prediction test is accepted! I remember that the deadline was approaching really fast and I don't have many days left. On the next day I went to my Accounting Department asking for a recommendation letter. Luckily the staff was supportive and Bu Ancella also gave the recommendation within the expected days. Thank you Bu Dian from Depak and Bu Ancella! I got the recommendation letter on April 29th while the deadline of application is on April 30th at 3pm. And guess when did I write the essay and motivation letter? On April 30th at 12pm. IT WAS THE FASTEST AND MOST SERIOUS ESSAY THAT I DID FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. I remember clearly that I wrote it in auditorium while participating in a seminar (which I didn't take notice). It was such a hectic week for me and I was glad that I didn't hesitate to apply because on May 10th I got the notice that I was accepted for the program! I want to dedicate two posts for this amazing program, so more to that later!

I still have my fourth and fifth, though. But let's just talk what has happened first!

All in all, I am amazed at myself because I happened to achieve so much within these three months. However, I also faced rejections in three things, which announcements I hear within three consecutive days. It was tough, but I was glad for the rejections because it made me realize the things that I should be grateful of. I've been taking them for granted honestly.. BUT LET'S JUST FOCUS ON THE NICE THINGS!

See you on my next posts!

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