Thursday, October 26, 2017

#Random 12: not your greatest friend to correspond with..

I just finished packing a package to deliver to a friend.

It was the dress I borrowed two months ago. Two. damn. months.

I've been postponing the thought of packing it because I thought it would be too much hassle: folding the clothing, searching for a bag, writing the address, etc etc. Moreover, I was too lazy to go to the post station.. If it wasn't because my campus now has its own post station, it would probably take another month until my friend received his stuff back.

Now that I'm at it, I'm reflecting to myself how I actually, by nature, like postponing mailing things.

I was about to exchange post cards with a friend of mine in high school. When I received the letter, I really wanted to reply but I procrastinate until.. well let's just say years flew by. It took me a year to actually buy the stamps (I'm lazy but I wanted to keep it traditional, no posted mail for postcards!). Now, it's been two years since I bought the stamps! (I would probably send the mail this year lol because I think I now have a postcard! *brb setting a reminder to look for that postcard*) In writing this, I want to say I'm sorry, Ina, for not replying for too long :( but it's always on my mind really..

The next thing, I don't see this as a tying commitment but I've said it myself that I'd send them something.. Yeah, me, this lazy mail sender, promised sending two package! One's out of town and the second destination is somewhere abroad!

I don't dare promising something until 2017 ends since it's ending soon (in two months!) but I think I can fill the promise by the end of my third year at uni.