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I've had this kind of page on my blog before, but I found the introduction a little bit passed the boundary? So I'm making a new one.


I am Angela Monalisa Kurniawan. My nickname is Nana. People told me that it's cooler to call me Angel, but I don't really like that name. So, thanks parents, you make the decision right. I don't even know why they could get such an idea?

I'm Indonesian. Several years ago on May 12th, finally I followed the rule right. I am legal to have social media accounts on the internet! Not telling you the year though, guess it yourself..

I've been living most of my life hating my fate on being Indonesian (mostly because I love everything about America, hehe). But one moment changed my perception. In junior high I was such a bookworm I read like so many books from the library. And the librarian was a nice lady too! I felt sad as she also retired when I graduated :( So, this nice librarian often buy brand new books. One of them was NASIONAL.IS.ME by Pandji. Please note that I hated him so much for that silly reality show he hosted (which replaced my lovely sitcom, dammit). But that moment was so life-changing, I realized Pandji is no dumb man. And I realized that Indonesia is not that bullshit. I even wanted to go to his high school so bad, that damn Gonzaga, hahaha my dream school omg but whatever. Time flies, I didn't enroll to Gonzaga. But in my first year of high school, I got this golden chance to attend a motivational seminar. At that moment, I found a little motivation in me as I found a fact that actually Indonesians are the best at speaking other languages without that accent clinging. This moment and that, have succeeded making me love Indonesia. And I am proud to be Indonesian!

That's surely a long paragraph..

Hmm, what else. Online tests have claimed that I am an introvert. I don't mind mingling with people but that's clearly not my best traits, especially when I'm feeling uncomfortable with you. I'm not great at theories that can't be proved practically, you know, like Chemist theories when you have to imagine the solubility of a matter? Like that. So I'm not really a natural-science scientist.

I love movies, but not movies with so much conflicts. I like Korean dramas, but only those with high ratings, great reviews, nice plot, and amazing casts (haha). I like animes if the plot suits my taste. I like mangas if the plot suits my taste.

Another trivial but crucial thing, I love Harry Potter and Detective Conan SO MUCH.

Oh, as of August 2015 I'm taking an undergraduate program majoring in Accounting (I think this sentence has a weird grammar..but whatever I'm correcting it when I know how!)

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