Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hari ini gue berasa agak bangga nih wkwk.
Jadi gini tadi pagi gue iseng doing something not very very illegal. Trus tiba-tiba si Bangsat mergokin trus ngomel-ngomel ke gue, IT forced me to meet the i-dont-know-what-to-call-her. She gave me a speech and I didn't mind. So she also asked me to meet my teacher. Then at the first break he called me. I come downstairs and he gave me a short speech, I also didn't mind that. And then in a chance one teacher also asked me things and gave me a little speech. This time I DID MIND. He forced me to confess that the recent bell-rangs were because of me. Well, bitch, that was totally not me and ask me to commit I  WON'T. Finally he believed me and went away.
Then I realized one thing, that bitch motherfucker asshole that I mentioned very first did a major role. He was SOOO SURE about me ringing the bell in many times. Fuck ass that's not me idiot fucking jerk. If you wanted to know, go stand in your time machine not accusing me that way. Because you just didn't know me as the best revenger. K, fucking dude, if you call me something, I'll just answer, "Do you have anything to prove it? You fucking liar seemed like yesterday you're on your period, fucking gay, so you think with your ass first." But absolutely I won't say that straight, you know, sexless are many times more sensitive than boys. And for them whom I saved, REALIZE IT'S YOUR LIFE ENDANGERED! BECAUSE YOU WOKE UP THE GAY BITCH AND GOT NOTHING TO HELP ON ME!
Hell yeah, I'm mad now, actually.

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