Friday, December 31, 2021

Review Asal 2021

Buset ya bun udah mau 2022 aja.. Kayanya baru kemaren gue bikin post 1 Januari 2021 terus mikir, "Nanti mau update lagi ah buat 2022.." eh udah 2022 besok!!! Wkwkwk.

Lagi males nulis yang gimana-gimana jadi ini review asal 2021 aja buat jadi pengingat ke diri gue sendiri kalo gue nanti buka blog ini.

Hmm 2021 tuh.. definisi kaga berasa sih. Sebenernya berasa-berasa aja, tapi ya cepet banget aja gitu? Tiba-tiba gue udah presentasi lagi, gue gajian lagi, TWICE udah comeback lagi, gue gajian lagi, gue presentasi lagi, udah gajian lagi, TWICE comeback lagi, ya gitu aja terus.. Gue pernah dengerin podcast dan emang alasan waktu berlalu cepet banget bagi kita-kita (yang gue asumsikan udah seumuran gue atau lebih haha) tuh karena hidup kita sekarang udah monoton aja. Udah dikit hal baru yang dialami, jadi otak kita ga punya banyak check point. Bayangin aja dulu pas masih kecil, kayanya gue nunggu-nungguinnn banget ulang tahun lagi dsb dan berasa lama banget, tapi ya sekarang bhay aja ya kakk..

In General
Secara umum gue ga punya kesan yang mencolok banget sama 2021, karena cenderung gak ada bedanya sama 2020 dengan masih adanya Covid. 2020 was personally quite tough for me so in 2021 I learned to really manage my expectation and.. that's it. Kalo dibikin KPI, bisa dibilang 2021 ini KPI-nya mepet-mepet di atas target lah ya. So I'm quite content with 2021. Things got better. Things got answered. I was not a huge recluse like back in 2020, I gained some new acquaintances who I now dare call as friends. Meeting people like you is a huge blessing and I'm really thanking them for it. Love you lotssssss guys!

I am proud to say that now I get better at managing my sleep teehee. Gue sekarang bisa kayak tidur jam 10 malem gitu dan ga berasa guilty (damn work pressure, I miss college!) dan bisa bangun lebih pagi. Kalo lagi niat gue bener-bener bisa buka mata jam 6 pagi!

Going Outside
Man I miss going outside. Gue ada pergi 1-2 kali sebelum delta melanda Indonesia di Juli 2021 gitu (btw Juli juga pas banget keluarga gue ada yang positif.. so yeah). Setelah itu gue sempet hiatus beberapa bulan dari pergi-pergi ke luar dan akhirnya baru keluar lagi sekitar di bulan September? Huweee I really miss going out, meeting friends, etc. Gue merasa banget gue tuh introvert yang tetep butuh human interaction sih, lol. Gue sekarang punya jadwal main badminton rutin (buat jadi alasan ketemu aja sih wkwk but still), starting to say yes to meet-up invitation, etc. Though gue juga maintain untuk gak pake semua hari weekend gue ya, cape browww hahaha. Gue juga udah mulai pergi ke kantor seminggu sekali dan ini cukup clearing up so much confusions yang gue miliki. EYY gue juga ke Bali di pertengahan Desember kemarin, dapet tiket gratis dari DNA Pro lmao!

I'm still a big big big Koreaboo like in 2020 lol. Gue seperti sempat ada momen-momen rediscover lagu Indo yang oke, tapi urghhh the ONCE in me is too dominating guys. Hahaha. Di 2021 ini gue malah jadi being extra fond of some old albums of TWICE. Gue jadi menemukan lagu-lagu lama mereka yang sekarang jadi all time favorite gue. I don't think I will ever cease over TWICE, at least not anytime soon sih. TWICE kemarin abis online concert di tanggal 26 Desember 2021 dan KEREN BANGET!!! Sumpah gue pengen banget nonton offline concertnya dan gue akan mengusahakan banget sih kalo muncul di SEA. Meskipun begitu tetep akan complicated banget sekarang untuk international flight, jadi gue harap TWICE bisa ke Indo sih :')

I'm back to reading again. I joined this book club dan gue mulai baca-baca lagi to-read-list gue yang terbengkalai itu. I'm still cooking though gue sekarang lagi agak males untuk explore resep-resep baru. Gue masih belom berhasil bikin cacio e pepe btw hahaha susah banget itu menu! But I find that I actually enjoy cooking (not doing the dishes one!!!) dan yah ini cukup healing sih. Gue sekarang udah di posisi di mana gue nyaman dengan masak sehingga udah gak jaw-clenching berlebihan lagi huahaha (itu tanda-tanda kalo aku stress guys lmao). Eh iyaa, gue abis banget nyobain resepnya Chaeng yang Strawberry Santa. Gue berasa kena pelet karena udah bahannya mahal, gue kaga demen bahan2nya dan bagi gue ini kayak lo makan McFlurry pake kentang pula. I'm not a sweet tooth! But I will try anyway for Chaeng haha aku merasa harus banget meramaikan hashtag dia, I'm making this my personal mission LOL.

I think that's all for now???? Gak banyak mikir emang gue pas nulis ini hahahaha. I just wish 2022 will be a greater year. I don't have any particular goal for 2022 honestly buttttt I will try to be a more organized person.

See you!

Friday, January 1, 2021

To Judge Less

Hi again in yet another year! We have finally reached 2021!

I know I should've probably blogged about this on the last day of 2020, but I just couldn't find the time yesterday hehe so let me have it now. In this post, I will do a brief recap on how 2020 went for me.

2020 is indeed a weird year. So many bizarre and unthinkable things happened in 2020, it's almost hard to believe. Covid-19 suddenly happened in 2020 (and is still so real until now..) and it has a huge impact on everyone's life.

Personally, I have been on the luckier side of Covid-19 impact. My company has kindly let us do work from home with almost no benefit-cut. Although we were on quarantine, I am also basically a homebody who loves to stay too much. In this pandemic, somehow I also got another distraction (in the form of TWICE LOL). This might seem tone-deaf, but I think I am, personally, happier. Sure, I miss lots of things such as dining out, but those things are outweighed by other things I gained.

That's why, I honestly have a much more neutral view on how I see our new-normal (not normal because this isn't how we are supposed to do normal, but you get what I mean).

In the first months of Covid, people were divided between those who could stay at home and those who couldn't because of some reason. In the months after, however, the segregation is mostly those who decided to go out, and those who called them idiots hahaha.. and I think.. we need to understand other's shoes better.

As someone who mostly is just lazy to go out but giving out Covid reason when rejecting people's invitation to go out, I totally feel it is out of place to call people out for going out. People do have their limits and when so many need to go out just because they have to work, it's hard to live under the impression that going out is as taboo as it was months before. Therefore, I really have nothing against people going out, tbh.. But what I'm most upset is when people don't treat 'going out' as if there is still a very real pandemic going on! There were one or two instances in which I go out with car, and wow the number of people going out without masks is so frightening. They didn't even care about social distancing which is very worrisome.. While I agree that some people can't stand to not go out, but please, wear masks!!! --> this is something you can't bargain.

Another lesson on not to judge people I got from.. kpop. LMAO this is quite self-explanatory so I won't go too long about this. I could not understand before how people can love someone so remotely unavailable for them, but I do now. LOL.

Never judge people until you were in their shoes and may we live 2021 with even less prejudice with each other.

(I know this post is such a blabber hahaha it was intended to be deeper but I got distracted so I can only write this much)

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Finding good inspiring talks is like fate! Another side of my naïve life, ride-hailing loyalty, to life lessons.

So, hello!

This would be my first ever blog post written on a whole new Blogger interface. I have been getting the prompts about the update being rolled out soon and it kept on asking me whether I want to try first or not. And I kept on ignoring it too! I've been on this platform for too long and I think they did make changes several times but nothing has been significant enough to confuse me. I gotta say, this newest change that they make is by far the most significant. The interface is much simpler and probably cleaner (thus it should be more aesthetically pleasing?); however, I think the thing with the back-end is that sometimes functionality rules over aesthetic.. And with the new massive simplicity that is being offered at the table, I just miss the old-school complexity where I just knew which to click when I need something. Basically what they removed (and I can't seem to find how to reverse/show this feature) is the HTML part.. now it's weird for me to embed videos from YouTube on posts because the code won't work and I need to copy-paste the video frame, which works too but it's more unreliable on the UX.. okay enough with the ramble.

Basically I'm sharing you guys another video from YouTube! Only this time, it's not a K-pop song recommendation, though I would definitely still have a lot on my hand to give you hehe.

Tonight, on a random event of YouTube-ing (and I gotta say, fate!) I stumbled upon this inspirational video:

I say fate too because I wouldn't have gotten the recommendation to this video and would never click on it if I didn't read my friends' tweet on the other day. On that tweet, he was complimenting on Pak Gita's presentation skill. I was intrigued and did a quick look on his videos on YouTube. At some point, it got me to a video of Sacha (a Youtube) who did review on Pak Gita's English. I think people's good English pronunciation has always been my weak points.. hahah so I did watch the video and wow he is one of the most fluent Indonesian I have ever seen!

On that video, Pak Gita was moderating a talk with Nadeim Makarim. Nadiem is also a cool person that I kinda look up to. He is intelligent, he is eloquent with words, and he is (from what I perceive) quite sincere too. In this (what I planned out as a short reflectional writing), I will try to lay out several key take-aways that might be useful for me to read again and for you to know :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

#Random 18: I'm a sucker for good K-pop songs!!!

By this time, I think I know what kind of songs that can move me (duh dramatic me). I like songs that convey certain melancholy to the songs, that make me feel joyous yet sad? at the same time. They are most certainly not sad songs so that's what makes them special. Listening to these songs make we want to scream the lyrics out loud due to the melancholy. It makes inner me scream lololol have you ever felt that?

Note: there were actually many K-pop songs that become my personal favorite, so this list may be biased since it's heavily influenced by my state of mind as per writing hahaha. E.g., once in my life I also like BTS's Best Of Me, Wanna One's Energectic, BTS's dimple, but I guess I don't really feel like listening to them right now?


  1. Sentimental K-pop songs with joyous vibe in it so you feel safe and happy when hearing it but not too upbeat
  2. Songs that I feel like listening as of writing hahhaha

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

#Random 17: K-pop wrecked my playlist!!!

My K-playlist
It has been going on for quite some time --the trend of me discovering so many good K-pop songs, but now K-pop literally is the theme of my playlist... It now comprises 204 out of 647 of my liked songs, almost reaching 30% of it!

As you can see from the image above, I started collecting K-pop songs in 2016. At that time, I actually used YouTube a lot more than Spotify. While doing my school work at night, I usually shuffle my YouTube playlist and was so happy singing along to the songs. At one instance, my YouTube recommended me so much of K-pop songs and it just.... grew on me.

I remember the first non-mainstream K-pop song I discovered was I Am You, You Are Me by Zico (only recently I found out that the song is actually SOTY 2016 material, up against Cheer Up and Blood Sweat & Tears, no wonder). I was recommended that song by one of my friends (who has just started being an early ARMY hahaha I see u chingu) and I quite liked the song. Somehow, the song was played on V-Channel (RIP..) and I finally noticed the K-pop segment there, searched some songs myself on YouTube, and this started the K-pop recommendation frenzy in my channel lol you now how persistent YouTube can be once they decided you like some topic. I was not even mad.... they were gold!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

#Random 16: Why I have been writing so much here (and how I have always been so extra about publicizing writings)

It's because of work-from-home!!!!!!!

I got so much time for me to open my laptop and not opening work-related decks that I was kinda inspired to type things that are personal to me. I think the newly trending again Twitter also plays a role. I have loved writing and expressing myself in text since forever that sometimes I find it hard to articulate my thoughts on limited characters on Twitter (funny that I was one of those opposing the idea of extending the 140-char limit to 280-char limit!!!). The emergence of people making thread really boosts the popularity of Twitter. It makes reading so much easier since the passages are divided into 280-char chunks. I mean, it's back to microblogging again!

Then why do I blog instead?

Aside from the character limit, I just find it quite exposing to write on Twitter. I felt the pressure to write things that are expressive of me rather than these random thoughts. My twitter has become just like another internet personality that I have to maintain and I felt more limited to express anything that I want there. It's like your personal wall magazine! However, blog is just like a public diary for me. The platform is 100% for me to handle and I do not need to worry about whether other people care or not. My blog posts won't trespass other people's lives by showing off at their feed because no such thing exists in this blog thingy!

I really want to start writing longer stories of myself here though, like my last trip to UK just for memorabilia purposes. Wish I had the time (and will of power)!

Oh oh oh and another thing why I like to blog, I know it's weird of me but I like reading my own blog posts over and over again, especially on mobile phones. HAHAHA it's just some weird pride seeing myself write a long piece that has sentimental value to me and mobile-format texts just looks... amazing! It's hard to describe but I think that's that, I like reading my own writing especially when it's personal and not cringey. Mobile-format look adds the coolness of it.

(my random mind got me writing about literally another topic on how I was always being extra about getting my writing publicized in an enjoyable manner)

This must explain why back in junior high I made a blog about our class (HERE!!!) and twitter accounts of my classes (I made three: this is for my junior high class, though the blog was much more memorable; then this second one, I swear THIS Twitter handle was such a bop back then with me sharing our daily quirks with #X5lol, no one ever had it before and even followed me after!; and THIS ONE for my 11th grade class). I swear I was fucking extra.... honestly being a journalist or writer could be a passionate career path for me. I always loved taking extensive notes during classes or even debates in uni (wtf right). When I was bored during school holidays when no phone existed I write stories on notebooks! It's a wonder why I haven't tried being a Wattpad writer lol.

#Random 15: it's 9.43pm

I was watching Netflix on a calm night. Everybody's sleeping already (I live with my grandparents so they sleep early). Then suddenly I got curious at the time, what time is it?

It's 9.43pm.

It's only 9.43pm!!!

Wow, at just 9.43pm (below 10pm is SUPER EARLY for me), I was already enjoying myself watching some Netflix....... It was surprising because it felt like time has passed so much ever since I closed my laptop and cooked and ate dinner. I have done so much after work! And it's only 9.43pm!

Just yesterday I was pondering to myself, God I was really afraid on adjusting myself to work after this work from home thing ends. I was sooo used to, for the whole two months, of not spending hours commuting, of not spending hours under the glaring sun and on a bad traffic. It was a new normal and I'M LOVING IT! I can even cook when I want to at night and do not need to eat cold dinner because I need to spend 1-2 hours on traffic before I can finally get home.

I knew just how much time I had been wasting on commuting all this time and it had been the normality for me. I have never thought of any other way of living, then this absurd situation came. Suddenly I knew how much was lost and taken from me.

You also don't know what you don't have til it's there.