Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Power of Beliefs

We all have dreams.
But have we ever known the 'universe law?'
It was my own quote, absolutely lol :p But it is true! It happens to me. But before we continue, do you know what did I mean with the 'universe law'?
Here I wanna talk about tips of how you get your dreams in reality.
Some says that if we want something so badly, the universe will make it for us. As an example if you want a new-brand iPhone 4s, and then you search all information about it, put it in your daily prayers, keep on believing that someday you will have it.. Somehow the universe will make it (As I said before!)
Well, actually the main topic of this post is how 'suggestion' works. And it starts with beliefs. So here, I'm gonna tell you my own experience with it.
Last month I was having my national final-examination tests (Indonesian, English, Math, and Science) and I wasn't very optimistic with the lessons, since I thought getting 36,00 score (which means 9,0 for each lesson) would be hard. But then I changed my mind, I started to think I COULD and I WOULD. I changed my target into 39.00. So, I used those tricks:

  1. As I've mentioned before, don't stop believing. You know, I am a big fan of Glee, and its hits music was "Don't Stop Believing'. Really inspired me, if I could say. And then it wouldn't be just a dream. I've read a book that when you believe in something, a real belief, it would linger in your mind. Linger in your unconscious mind that your mind would suggest your body to make it true. That is how amazing our mind works!
  2. Keep on praying. I am a believer and will always believe in God. And I am a Catholic which means I believe in Jesus Christ, the Holy Son. If we put our dreams in our daily prayers, God will smoothen our way for it.
  3. Keep trying hard, and harder, and harder on what you want. You know, if you dream of becoming an angel, it depends. On how you want to have wings like an angel, or being angels in everybody's heart. And the first option is impossible, says the scientists. And it is. So pick the possible thing you can do. If you like singing, dream of becoming a top singer not a one-hit wonder. Then, practice your singing harder and harder. Don't dream of becoming a diva if your voices make your flowers die-_-
  4. Like it, you will done it way much better. Look at point number 3, 'If you like singing, dream of..."   I put the word 'like' because, if you like dancing, don't make somebody's dream that you have to become an astronaut (which maybe you don't like). And this is my personal experience. At elementary  school, I fucking hate Science and every stuffs that has correlation with it. But in the third year of my junior high school, I became a freak good-looking books and drawing-pen lover. Yeah I admitted I was a freak and I am. But it inspired me to make my notes (which was Science) as tidy as possible. It worked! I loved my handwritting and started to write everything the teacher said, I learned it maybe for the first time with all of my heart, and Science, I am all yours!!! Loving something will make you get interested and excited with it, and in this case, I was excited of learning Science.
I think that 4-points tips will help you. If the slimming pils adverts have their before-after pics, so do I! I have my own result!
I got 39,40 score for my national final-examination, I got the highest rank in my year. I used to do the exercises, I photocopied my friends' books about the exam to do the exercises. Well, if you asked me what happened with the Science subject.. Emm, FYI at my elementary school I only got 8.75 as the result of being a Science-hater. When I loved it, I got 10.00! OMG I was so surprised, my teacher said that getting the excellent score for Science subject was nearly impossible, but I did it! I thanked God, Jesus, and myself. For doing what I gotta do.
And I hope your mind will do you the same!

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