Monday, April 14, 2014


Out of the blue I'm curious about Path's web page so I decided to access it when suddenly this one came up:

"I started using Path in July 2011. I was looking for a private way to log and share all the memorable details of my life - places I frequent, photos of things I find interesting, random thoughts that come up. Path was the perfect place for me to store all these little moments.
I only have one friend on Path, my wife. When we discovered Path, we were immediately drawn to the network because it’s so simple. There are just a few types of moments I use that allow us to log every little detail of our lives just with each other.
The moments on my Path are a mixture of photos of my children through the years and moments I capture when I travel for work. It’s amazing because my wife and I realized that we basically have a journal of our children’s lives over the past 3 years - we can see how much they’ve grown and changed all in one safe and private app.
My favorite thing about Path is that it’s about living in the moment. It’s not about writing on a wall, or writing a clever message for everybody to read. It’s a much more genuine experience than anything I’ve encountered on other social networks. I believe life is made up of all those small details we cherish, and now I have them all on Path.” - Hilario, Florida
You could also visit the web page to take a look at some screenshots.
Completely succeeded in making me think, damn this is amazing. Imagining only have one friend on your Path and your timeline is filled only with you and your beloved ones? Maybe one of the sweetest things I've ever heard.
Moreover, isn't this what Path has been mumbling about? Sharing only with you closest ones, hmm do I even have one #salah #wrong #englishpost (by the way I suddenly got an idea to make mine a private journal hmm let's just see)
Then I searched more on the internet and found this article which you could access here.
True, it may lack in its content due the inability to share you activities to a wider communities through twitter and such. But I disagree when it says that Path could be boring because of that. Surely the writer hasn't read the inspirational story above yet.

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