Monday, June 16, 2014

Books Books Books

I've been reading a lot these days. Like, omg it really brings back memories about how I used to 'consume' about two books a day, abandoning my school back in junior high. Makes me realize more how much senior high school 'consumes' me so that I don't even have enough time to finish a single book in a month. What a damn shame.
sayangnya sih minjem semua..
Now I get full ammunition of books from my really-unexpectedly-good-friends. No really they are indeed good people, it's only that they don't look like those who own lots of books and spend their spare time reading. I've known another friend (who I mentioned once here about his problem) who hasn't even read a single book his whole life. And then here they are, two kinda-jock guys who OMG OWN BOOKS THAT I'VE LONGINGLY WANTED TO READ SINCE A LOOOOOONG DECADE AGO. Never judge a fucking book by its cover. Right.

Books that I'm talking about here areee the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan! Okay, Riordan seems to be my another Rowling, while Percy is my other hero alongside Harry (HARRY IS INCOMPARABLE OKAY). Like, where the hell have I been, how could I not touch this amazing series?! Seriously reading them, I can feel the same, uh what, trembling thrill (?) as if I read Harry Potter years ago. I smile uncontrollably when Annabeth appears beside Percy, I turn the pages unpatiently when it comes to epic parts, hahhhhhhh :')

I finished 3 books within 3 days which is good compared to my high school days progress. And I am trying to make an even faster progress by setting aside my films and animes and dramas (a busy holiday I know). It's not the books that matter (well it does a bit) BUTTT the feeling of being a reader again really really makes me happy, I can now state that I am a book worm rather than I used to be a book worm.


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