Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Random #4: Smelling Rain

One day, at my kindergarten billion years ago, I said, “It Is going to rain.”

My teacher asked, “How do you know?”

“I can smell it.”

He laughed numbly (if not fiercely) doubting I could really smell the rain.

“No really! I can smell…. um.. rain!”

I don’t know how to explain my SUPER ability to smell the rain. At some stages I came to believe that only me can detect rain. On another stage of life, a literature told me that what we smell is actually the aroma of wet,damp soil.

AND NOW –at the age of 17–, I HAVE FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT THIS IS ACTUALLY CALLED (in a smarter word).

Petrichor. The thing that made me get laughed at by that shitty kindergarten teacher whose name I can’t even remember actually has a legit name! 

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