Friday, January 27, 2012

First English Post [COMPLETE]

Emmm this is the first time I write my post using English. At first I read someone's blog (he's a famous twitter user) and I thuoght, wow, that was awesome. So I decided to follow his steps.

This day was just that bored, and a fucking day. Yeah, for the first time I started to hate a person that inspired me the most, that led me onto this way. She's kinda moody, and well I think it's so me. But I finally found out what makes me different. I wouldn't talk the fuck out about someone's shit over and over. Then I wouldn't spread my mind that actually doesn't fit and make me looks like an idiot that feels I am the best.
You know, once I started to hate, it's way more difficult to put out the fire in me. Let you see, I feel I am not changing, and everybody does. But she said so, that's a very suck bullshit.

And evey teacher now hates my class. What the fuck ass hole? They just go and say, "What's happening with this class! It's not that suck last year!" GTFO! You're talking garbish, STFU! We are what you think we ARE! So stop having bad idea bout us! You both are all the same, fucking annoying and acting like you are Ms. Know-It-Everything!!!

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