Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello. It's been a long long time since my last post, so just wanna say, hey, I'm back here.
But furthermore, I'm here not just to say hello, but I think there's something I gotta share.
For some idiot reasons my school will held an occasion which later is known as prom night (stupid?) and girls are forced to wear dress or skirt. Sucks. But that's not the point this time.
Because lack of fund, and the occasion will last for 3 hours, we run out of performers. Each class has to send its all members to participate. So our class will perform a play, drama. Everyone has to join. But not everyone is supportive.
Like, every rehearsal the number of people joining that day is less than a half of the class. And when I decide the practice will start at 9, many of them will arrive at 10. It's a usual. Only, after I asked the class teacher to call the students, some of them started coming. And still, not punctually. The practices just went wrong. I've tried my best to control those idiots (I'm not sorry), though.
And a shocking news came to my ears. Some of them including a boy that I trust so much, who I think will never do anything hypocritical, talked behind me. They just said I have to know myself, that I ruin the practice, that I do everything unfairly to people who is not punctual (some kind as, I get angry to those people who are not my friend).
And this post is intended to fix things.
1. If you don't like my way, talk to me in front of me not behind my ass. I'm just saying you're all dumb to make problems with me, and I'm sure you're less than a coward. I do that for our own class' good, including you, not just for me. How can you say that? One thing sure is that you can divide what did you say and what fakes you've been creating on your prawn brains. Fuck you. You don't come, you ruin it. I come everyday early, you said I ruin it? HAHAHAHA finally I know how idiots think.
2. I get angry not to my friend? Oh, are you saying you're not my friend? Fine, from now on I won't look at you as you're not longer a friend of mine.
Thanks for the attention, although I know those hurting people are to idiot to read this without Google translate. So, thanks to Google also. You made their day.

Regards, Me Who You Can't Hurt Anymore Cause I Don't Even Know You Any Longer.

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