Thursday, July 21, 2016

The greatest journey is yet to come

I've spent minutes on deciding whether I should capitalize the pronoun or not for the title. After some searches on Google, I've decided that the article wasn't making any sense to me so I'll stay with no capitalization at all, lol.

There are soooo many things that I haven't been sharing on this blog! So to get started, I'll go with my last semester. My last semester in college, that would be my second semester, went quite well, I'd say. I'm not even regretting taking Catholic class because there are things which matter more than GPA. And getting a less-than-A-minus is seriously worth it compared with the closeness with KUKSA. Hahahahahahaha.

Last semester was especially a hustle-bustle for me. I've got several events due that semester, two biddings which were very time-and-energy consuming, and a new organization to adjust to. The only thing that made me survive was probably the lack of tutoring classes, I got two less tutoring classes than the first semester. So, five additional free hours!

80% guess of me in PDD would be right
After participating in numerous events as the committee (most of them in Publication, Documentation, and Design division) I come to realize that your major in college is not your limitation. I had always been afraid since junior high that I wouldn't be qualified enough, that when I go to college everybody would have mastered the study materials, that once you've decided to master a major then there would be nothing else to do. However, I managed to keep doing my thing by participating in these committees. I can even say that my Photoshop skills have progressed so much in college (since I technically did not use Photoshop at all in high school). Not all of them were satisfying, but I got so many experiences and friends (calling them 'links' is so much degrading, I think) that I wouldn't have expected I would. I also remember that I loved to write so much and I even got to write an article here!

My commuting skills also have developed so much. I'm being more flexible and places are more reachable for me, huahaha. Much thanks to the emerging of transportation mobile-app and Google maps this year. The year 2016 sure brings me a lot. Next month, for the first time ever in my life, I will be taking inter-cities train!!! I'll go to Malang with some of my friends, the farthest place to go without parents ever for me! So, I'll make sure to bring the updates of my (surely will be) amazing trip here.

Lately I've been talking a lot about my college life on my blog. It's all because people's blogs about college really inspired me and helped me that much back then and I'm hoping to bring the same feelings to for other people. So, I'm happy to say that I'm glad that I'll be meeting some of these people in the new year. I feel like my voice can really reach people. My utmost happiness would be toward this one friend who really struggled with me together through those sleepless nights studying stuff online. Congrats, Angga!