Friday, May 4, 2012


At first I didn't think much about bullying. I live in Indonesia where bullying is not a big problem. We rarely do bullying and causing a death. But I started to open my minds, finding that in another part of the world, bullying is taking a big part of teenage's life, and ew, bullying sucks!
So if you are a bullier, please think that not everybody can stand for it, you will know when an accident happen, when your victim can't stand for it anymore, when you know that you have ruined a life from a person, you will experience a horrible feelings. Please stop doing that, or at least supporting person who gets bullied. They need supports!
If you are being bullied, well then strengthen your mind! Get your fists  ready to punch those bullier in the face! Or you can talk to parents and adults that will help you. You SHOULD NOT give up, don't mind how many are hating you but HOW MANY ARE THERE FOR YOU! NEVER deny a help from someone. And if you need someone to talk to, I'm here :) Send me emails at or if you have Blackberry just rightly PING!!! me at 20E87C1A.
Keep fighting! :)

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